Your house is your own corner of the world. A corner you like to call home. How it’s built, renovated or redecorated reflects who you are.


There are plenty of ways to plan, research and find inspiration for your architectural project. You can visit showrooms, attend shows, purchase magazines, scatter between local websites or spend countless hours surfing abroad websites with no point of reference what so ever. Sure, researching, finding, saving, sourcing and attending are all part of the process. But before you know it, this could all turn into a full time job if not managed properly.


Wouldn’t it be better if you no longer had to scatter between a dozen different websites, magazines or shows to connect the dots between inspiration and implementation?


Wouldn’t it be better if desktop folders, design boards or scrapbooks were revolutionized into one easily manageable tool? What if there was a place for you to create ideas, select products, research professionals and manage projects. Now there is… it’s called ARCHIPRO.



A place where New Zealand’s Architectural Projects, Products and Professionals are united to showcase thousands of innovative local projects, including masterful designs, and intriguing new products.


At ARCHIPRO the building blocks are made of contacts, ideas and visions, where every piece of work, design, product or professional can easily be navigated, explored and contacted directly. We put everything needed at your fingertips with a versatile website that adjusts to look good on every browser and device automatically. It’s as easy as that. Actually it’s incredibly complicated but we connect the dots for you so you don’t have to.


Need to upload your own content and files, done. Or maybe you want to collaborate and convey your ideas with professionals and friends, easy. Register for FREE to unlock your corner of ARCHIPRO and start saving projects that inspire you and products that you might want to use later.


And when each of us has their own corner of ARCHIPRO a space that is uniquely ours that’s the start of a more harmonious building experience.


Research is power. Power your research with ARCHIPRO.

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