Bayswater Kitchen by Sean Monk


"My clients live in a beautiful, older style home that had been previously extended. The existing kitchen was added at the time of the extension, but it now looked dated and no longer matched the decor of the home. When they approached me, they said they we’re looking for something that tied into the era of the home – something that was simple and fresh, and felt a little contemporary. They also wanted space to incorporate a wine fridge and wine glass storage.

We started with a basic framed door panel that had a shallower than normal recess, so as to not create too strong a detail. This design was repeated in all the upper cabinetry throughout the space. Ton create further visual interest another, the lower cabinets have a diffent design.

To keep the lines clean and to tie the new kitchen into the space, we took the cabinetry right up to the ceiling and created panels that wrapped around the existing ceiling beams.

The ceramic benchtop was chosen, in part, due to its neutral colour and the texture, but most for its durability. The matching splashback gives the kitchen a contemporary feel – it also adds continuity to the space.

As the kitchen had to cater for a large family, an oversized Silgranite sink was selected. We also specified a removeble drainer tray that sits neatly over one half of the sink, that can be stored away when not needed – a great space saver.

Finally, the client wanted a separate wine fridge and glass storage adjacent to their deck – ideal for those long, hot summer days." - Sean Monk

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