Burwood Crescent


A three bedroom home, built to showcase a personal art gallery and accommodate the retired occupants, who plan to live here for many years to come. Defined by three main materials – pre-aged copper, bagged block and horizontal weatherboards, this cliff top building comprises two wrapped boxes connected by a floating pavilion.

“When building our house, our objective was to finish up with a really well built home, for a reasonable cost. We were prepared to allow the builder the amount of time required to complete the job to a high standard, and to pay a price that was fair to both the builder and to us.
We employed PSL Construction on this basis, and also employed our architect and an independent project manager to oversee the construction process and costs, and the employment of the sub-trades. This process worked well, and PSL Construction and all of their staff responded by ensuring that at all times they gave their utmost attention to doing the job properly and efficiently.

Phil and Gail Leach were a pleasure to work with, and their staff were keen to accept the challenge of building our home to the highest possible standard. We would happily recommend PSL Construction to anyone looking to build a quality home.”
Andrew and Jenny

“The execution and detailing of this build are superb – this property was built by a Master.”
Judges comment RMBF House of the Year

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