The site is in the country on a 2 hectare lot that falls to the North East overlooking the Mangemangeroa Creek Inlet. The design solution was to cut a platform into the sloping land and create a series of connected pavilions on a single level. The pavilions took the form of the simple gable and were linked by flat roof structures progressing through to the main gable form housing the kitchen/dining/family areas with the pool platform beyond.

These forms were simply detailed with the ends fully glazed to create light filled spaces. Entry is gained through a formally landscaped courtyard that acts as a buffer from the surrounding countryside, creating a scale that is intimate in relation to the house. The forms are placed so that the interiors open out into a series of sheltered courtyards each with a different aspect and view.

The materials employed were plaster cladding, aluminium joinery and tray roofing, all finished in a ‘black & white’ composition to sit simply against a green country backdrop.

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