29 April The Ultimate Outdoor Gas Fire

Outdoor entertaining is a national past time for most New Zealand families, whether BBQ’ing or simply sitting by a fire enjoying someone’s company. But being able to do so huddled around a fixed outdoor fire, is not always possible if windy conditions prevent this.

Enter the FUEGO outdoor flueless gas fire. The ultimate outdoor fire for such entertaining.

The FUEGO is 100% totally portable, meaning you can move the fire from the pool area to say the deck, from the deck to the patio and from the patio back to the pool area. You're no longer tied to entertaining in one particular spot, you can utilise all your outdoor areas with one fire.

The fires design allows for the storage of two 9kg gas bottles, which means you'll never get caught out with an empty bottle. The FUEGO also has a technologically advanced wheel system which has a unique 3-way locking mechanism, an ultra-smooth movement, and is made of a soft but durable material that won't mark decking or tiles.

The main body has been powder coated to protect against our harsh New Zealand elements and has a dual position lockable front cover. When the fires not alight, the front cover protects the fire burner tray from the weather, when the fires working, the cover is then moved to its storage position behind the fire, hiding the bottles and interior from view, so you don't have to leave the cover lying around or hidden away in the garage.

The firebox and Jetmaster burner tray are made from stainless steel, perfect for those living in a sea spray zone. Ignition and flame control is manually performed negating the need for electronics susceptible to outdoor environs.

The Fuego doesn't require flue, nor building consent and is very cost effective.

Did we mention, it's totally mobile?

(Please note that the Fuego is flueless for outdoor use only and must not be used indoors or within enclosed spaces.)


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