7 September Valchromat- an innovative and award winning product

It can be categorised somewhere between a wood fibre board and a solid surface because of the specially formulated resins and organic dyes within the board. All wood used is FSC certified and is sourced from forest waste, residue from timber mills, pine and recycled pine.

It is a "one of a kind" product and is exclusively imported by GD Woodhaus into New Zealand. Rigorous international standards for quality control and eco-friendly production practices apply to ensure that Valchromat remains a unique and high quality end product.
Valchromat lends itself beautifully to the smooth machining of 3 Dimensional designs through CNC routing and can be finished with a variety of different products, including oil, wax, lacquers, varnish and paint.

Besides its unique appearance, Valchromat has many uses, limited only by one's imagination. It is quick to finish, saving considerable time and money. No edging is required because the colour runs evenly throughout the board. Being moisture and UV resistant, non toxic and load resistant, the possibilities for use are endless.

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