3DAV is a company that works closely with Architects and designers to bring projects and ideas to life with the use of cutting edge 3D technology.

At every step of the design process, from the CAD files to the final render of the property, 3DAV provides constant feedback to ensure your project is created exactly how you envisioned it.

3DAV provides high resolution 3D images for marketing and for showcasing your designs to clients.

For a more immersive and interactive experience your project can be fully explorable with the use of Virtual Reality in its own unique highly detailed environment.

Your clients can walk around in their own 3D environment and even take a dip in the pool!

Step 1

Floor plan and elevations are required.

Step 2

Camera angle and basic modelling of the scene is achieved.

Lighting is also completed at this stage. 

Step 3

Vegetation and textures are added, followed by final render and post production.

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