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The team at Accumen Shapes are specialists in the manufacture of exterior lightweight decorative shapes and mouldings for residential, commercial and historical buildings. We have built up an innovative reputable company supplying high quality custom-made products.


In 1991, a small company was formed based in Otahuhu, Auckland, New Zealand. Since establishment we have evolved into the present company known as Accumen Shapes Ltd, which develops and specialises in the production and manufacture of KickIt® high quality lightweight decorative shapes and mouldings.


► We VALUE client relationships

► We do not just deliver products, we CREATE them

► We are in the business of ADDING VALUE to buildings


Accumen Shapes are able to duplicate existing architectural details or produce custom designs. By having state of the art technology to achieve this, Accumen provides architects and designers with the ability to create building styles that match their vision.


No longer is there the need to have expensive on-site tradesmen hand-making architectural mouldings on site. Accumen® lightweight, robust, pre-plastered products are delivered to site ready to be installed by qualified tradespersons, using recommended adhesives in conjunction with stainless steel fixings.


Accumen® lightweight decorative details are EPS coated in KickIt® plaster. Accumen’s long history has proven this to be an exceptional product and it is used on many projects throughout New Zealand and overseas, especially where weight can be an issue, thus making it an ideal solution for earthquake-prone regions.


Once Accumen Shapes have the drawing and dimensions of the shape required, the turnaround time ready for site installation is considerably faster than hand manufacturing on site:

Ex Stock: same day

Custom Design (two dimensional):

  • Small Detail – 7 working days
  • Medium Detail – 9 working days
  • Large Detail – 12 working days

Note: These time windows do not include transport time. ShapeCrete® (lightweight concrete) will take longer due to drying time. Three dimensional shapes will need to be discussed on a case by case basis.

Accumen Shapes manufacture using three methods depending on requirements:

► DecraShape®

  • Decorative kiln dried S grade EPS shape coated in KickIt® plaster with fibreglass reinforcing
  • Accumen’s usual standard method for decorative details on buildings

► fourPLUS®

  • decorative kiln dried S grade EPS shape with a minimum of four mm thick KickIt® plaster coating with layers of fibreglass reinforcing
  • has a considerably higher MPa (resistance to compression)
  • excellent for areas requiring a safeguard from impact
  • suitable for historic buildings especially where weight on the wall can be an issue

► ShapeCrete®

  • decorative lightweight concrete shape with mesh and, on larger shapes, reinforced rods
  • can be made up to 2.700m lengths (depending on size and shape)
  • a solid lightweight concrete product that can be used on historic buildings and areas requiring safeguard from impact
  • NB. fourPLUS® is also very suitable for historic buildings especially where weight on the wall can be an issue

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