We provide a 24/7 service, 365 days of the year for our clientele.

Apex Air membership/registration
IQP registered (Independent Qualified Person)
Member of institute of Refrigeration, Heating, Air Conditioning Engineers of New Zealand(IRHACE), www.irhace.org.nz
The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) www.ashrae.org
Site Safe
Climate Control Companies Association(CCCA) www.ccca.org.nz
NZ Green building Council

Our range of services include:
Council Registered Author
o PS1: Producer Statement Design
o PS2: Producer Statement Design Review
o PS3: Construction
o PS4: Construction Review
Building Reports
Energy Audits
o Form 12A Service Repairs
o Upgrading
o Refurbishments

Apex provides Full maintenance services for clients, including preventative maintenance & servicing. We have experience in all facets of mechanical maintenance, From large central chilled water plants to wall mounted Split System. We provide a 24 hour emergency breakdown service all clients. We provide essential services supprot 24/7 to our health and hospitality industry clients.

Programmed Maintenance of Air Conditioning System

Apex Air offers our HVAC expertise to facilities/Property managers wishing to ‘out source’ the installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems within their clients’ buildings.

Working closely with facility managers, we can develop programmed maintenance schedules providing their client’s with a skilled maintenance engineer, to make site visits and carry out necessary manufacturer recommended tasks. This ensures system reliability and improved performance, validates warranties and also complies with Health and Safety requirements and other Council legislation.

Within these contracts, Apex Air offers facility managers ‘reactive support’ to unexpected breakdowns. Whatever your requirement, large or small, we can tailor a package to suit your exact requirements.

Why does my buildings HVAC equipment need to be maintained so regularly?

HVAC equipment, like most mechanical machines, and even your car, has moving parts which wear down over time and benefit from regular maintenance. Most commercial and industrial HVAC equipment is subject to long run times in environments with heavy foot traffic, and airborne manufacturing and construction debris. For these reasons it is essential that the equipment be kept clean and lubricated so they continue to provide maximum efficiency.

A Preventive Maintenance (PM) program ensures your equipment is given the longest lifespan possible by finding, reporting, and repairing small problems before they result in expensive breakdowns and downtime. This proactive approach helps building owners and managers stay on budget and plan for the future.

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