BROMBAL OCEANIA - Luxury Windows & Doors

BROMBAL is the global leader in the Luxury Thermally Insulated Steel & Bronze fenestration industry. Founded in 1970 in Italy by Pietro Brombal, it continues today a rich family tradition of metal crafting artisanship by partnering with the world's most talented Architects and Builders. Exclusive and elegant products, seamless integration into sophisticated design, passion, experience.

  • BROMBAL Oceania is the new point of reference for projects in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands, from initial design to final installation.
  • IDEA - Collaboration Creativity
  • OPTIONS - 4 Base Metals, Thousands of Finishes, Extensive Product Portfolio, Specialty & Custom Hardware, Accessories Fabrication, Burnishing & Finishing Plant
  • ENGINEERING - Structural Reinforcement Design, Feasibility Studies & Prototyping, Customization, Wind Load & Design pressure calculations, Performance & Code Compliance, Engineering for “Gizmo” type units, Brombal Lab - Testing & Certification
  • MANUFACTURING - Proven Fabrication Methods, Old World Craftsmanship meets New World Technology, Experience
  • COMPLETION - Delivery, Installation & Warranty


BRASS-BRONZE - Warm, Prestigious, Timeless
Burnished OT67 Brass, in a variety of Modern or Antique Bronze finishes. The warm, lustrous colour and natural patina make this timeless material the perfect choice for Historic & Heritage Projects and for the most prestigious Contemporary Architecture designs. The exceptional corrosion resistance makes it ideal for even the most challenging coastal and marine environment.

STAINLESS 316 - Modern, Clean, Precise
AISI-316 Marine Grade offers unbeateable corrosion resistance, even in the most challenging marine and coastal locations. All Hinges and Hardware components are exclusively manufactured in AISI-316. Available in Satin/Scotch-Brite, Polished or Painted. Bi-Metal frames with AISI-316 outside and Galvanised Steel inside are also available.

COR-TEN - Distinctive, Elegant, Refined
The intense richness of its finish combines a Raw and Industrial feel with its Warm, Natural and extremely Elegant look. The natural oxidation process forms a protective patina which protects the metal. Supplied already oxidised to the desired level and sealed with Natural Bee's Wax Brombal Serramenti were pioneers in manufacturing frames with this beautiful material, now a real success in Architectural design.

STEEL - Simple, Creative, Versatile
Galvanised steel painted or powder-coated in an endless choice of colours and finishes. FeP02 alloy with hot zinc galvanising GZ200 (200 g /m3 on both sides) and subsequent skinpassing to ensure maximum protection from oxidization. All Hinges and Hardware exclusively manufactured in Stainless AISI-316. A more economical solution compared to Stainless and Bronze, but requiring some maintenance in coastal and marine locations.

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