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CUPOLEX® foundation slab System is, the most cost effective, advanced and sustainable solution for residential and commercial buildings. It is manufactured in New Zealand using 100% recycled non-toxic polypropylene.

Each dome easily inter-connects to create a self supporting permanent form-work structure that uses the age old principals of arches, domes and columns to give strength and transfer loads across the slab. That structural element eliminates the requirement for any internal reinforcing steel in non load bearing areas of the slab, (In typical soil conditions found in New Zealand) less concrete is required and the domes act as a chair meaning mesh sits directly on top of the Cupolex. All this means labour and materials are significantly reduced.

CUPOLEX® provides an air void under the foundation which lends itself perfectly for the venting of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's), Radon Gas and humidity or moisture to be passively vented away from the slab.

Developments built on former dump sites with high levels of methane or areas with high levels of thermal activity are particularly suited to the use of CUPOLEX®

Go Green and save money. “CUPOLEX® ticks all the boxes”.

• Made in New Zealand
• Easy to understand cost effective engineering service
• Arrives on site palletised and ready to be installed
• Eliminates messy site clutter
• Will not blow away from site or leave off-cuts and waste that end up in our waterways
• Zero waste created
• Quick and simple to install
• Can be adapted to any soil classification
• Made out of 100% non-toxic plastic recyclable material
• Unlike other void systems the CUPOLEX® DOMES are strong and sturdy to walk on, potentially reducing work site hazards.
• One pallet of CUPOLEX® covers 53m2 (pallet size is the equivalent volume as 6 polystyrene pods)
• CUPOLEX® components are black and glare free

  • "Best Environmental Product” - Civenex Sydney 2011
  • Selected as the “Green” flooring system for the “American Home” at the 2010 International Builders Show in Las Vegas
  • CUPOLEX® is the trade name for a sacrificial void forming system which utilises Recycled Plastic Interlocking Domes to create concrete foundations. The CUPOLEX® system uses intelligent age old design principals of arches, domes and columns to create foundations which have exceptional strength, yet use less concrete, less steel and less labour.
  • The savings in concrete, steel and labour aside, the air space beneath the foundation has a multitude of uses which sets the CUPOLEX® foundation system apart.
  • CUPOLEX® products were designed by Valerio Pontarolo of Pontarolo Engineering in Italy in the early 90's and are now used throughout the world.
  • CUPOLEX® foundations were originally designed to mitigate toxic gas emanating from the earth such as Radon and Methane. When not vented the sealed air pocket provides an excellent thermal break
  • CUPOLEX® also provides a cost effective solution for issues such as rising damp, soils with high alkalinity and or salt. The ability for the air space beneath your foundation to be vented outside of the building envelope has many applications.
  • There are millions of square metres of Cupolex concrete foundations installed around the world to date with no reported failures.

CUPOLEX® is a patented forming system for concrete slab foundations made from 100% recycled plastic. When installed the incorporation of arches, domes and columns creates the structural element. Concrete is poured over the modular dome forms to create a floating or structural concrete slab. The slab void that results minimizes concrete contact with the soil, while providing a capillary barrier against moisture yet uses less concrete and rebar than a raft slab. The CUPOLEX® cutting edge concrete slab solution provides major advantages over a standard slab on grade:

• Provides an excellent moisture/thermal barrier under slab with a void that can be vented in soils with high water content or salinity
• Water cannot leach up through the bottom of the concrete slab significantly protecting the structure from water damage and improving internal air quality
• Ventilating the CUPOLEX® under slab void space will effectively help control Vapour intrusion, humidity levels, and temperature ranges, that standard slabs cannot control
• Replaces fill or gravel that typically is required to bring the slab to the finished grade level and eliminates the costs associated with importing, compacting, certifying engineered fill.
• Assists designers to deliver sustainable features that contribute to GREEN buildings
• Maximum control of concrete curing resulting in a reduction of shrinkage cracks while providing a higher quality surface
• Provides under-slab void for running cables and pipes, simplifying post-construction installation of new wiring and utilities
• CUPOLEX® can be used on soils with very low bearing capacity, high compressibility, or highly expansive soils


• COMPACT: The pallets arrive on site shrink wrapped and neatly stored instead of a truck and trailer of polystyrene to over-take the site
• FAST: 2 labourers can put down 150m2 in around an hour with basic hand tools
• FLEXIBLE: Site specific design can be used on residential, commercial and industrial concrete foundations
• GREEN: Less concrete, less steel than an equivalent Slab on Grade or raft pod Slab
• GREEN: Manufactured from 100% non-toxic recycled and recyclable material
• GREEN: Uses significantly less transport requirement to get it to site than other concrete void systems
• GREEN: Zero waste
• ERGONOMIC: uses 10% of the space required for a delivery of polystyrene
• COST EFFECTIVE: One pallet of CUPOLEX® is can replace 3 trucks of gravel or fill.
• COST EFFECTIVE: In general the CUPOLEX® system uses less man hours, less concrete, less steel and requires less heavy machinery on site
• TRANSPORT: 4 Pallets versus a truck full of Polystyrene reduces construction traffic on the roads
• SAFE: CUPOLEX®: componentry are black and glare free.
• STRONG: CUPOLEX® foundations can be engineered for all soil types
• WARM: Thermal Analysis shows that the CUPOLEX® slab foundations perform well in all areas

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  • The name CUPOLEX® comes from the Italian word Cupola meaning dome.
  • There is over 5 million square metres of CUPOLEX® which have been laid in concrete slabs and foundations throughout Europe the Americas and Australasia.
  • With CUPOLEX®, designers, builders and developers can provide sustainable cost effective concrete slab foundations for new buildings and homes, while reducing concrete usage, build time and minimizing engineered fill requirements.
  • Pontarolo Engineering the inventors of the Cupolex Product have been marketing Cupolex worldwide since 1990.
  • It was originally designed to ventilate Radon Gas from new buildings for the US Air Force in Italy. Radon Gas is prevalent in areas of Europe and the USA.
  • Cupolex since its inception has been used in a number of applications such as historic building renovations, water retention, detention and moisture mitigation, as a cost effective and efficient replacement for engineered fill.
  • It is extensively used in Industrial and Commercial applications as well as Residential.
  • If you would like any information or assistance with using Cupolex in your next design please Contact Us and we will be only to happy to assist.

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