HARO Flooring New Zealand

Enjoy a lifetime of wood floors

We are the importers and distributors of HARO Flooring throughout New Zealand. All our Hardwood Flooring products are not only designed in Germany but actually MADE in Germany which sets them apart from many others that are available in New Zealand.

HARO Flooring also stands out because it: 

  • Is extremely hard-wearing.
  • Comes as a finished product without needing to sand/polyurethane after installation.
  • Has a top-connect system making installation very easy.
  • Requires very little maintenance.
  • Comes in huge variety of colours and finishes.
  • Is sourced from certified, sustainably managed forests in Europe.

We are privileged to be able to bring HARO to New Zealand where timber floors have always been popular.

As Germany’s leading timber manufacturer, we offer a wide selection of premium timber boards to suit every requirement and every taste – and naturally always in keeping with the times

This is the basis for our company and our timber floors. We offer you quality Made in Germany that you can rely on in your home every day.

The desire to achieve continuous improvement drives our new developments. As a leading timber manufacturer, we see ourselves in the role of innovation driver for the entire sector.

Deeply rooted in our Bavarian homeland, we devote ourselves now in the fourth and fifth generation to the natural raw material wood. This excellence of quality is palpable in every square meter of HARO TIMBER FLOORS.

Advantages of Quality Wood Flooring
  • Brand quality – Made in Germany

  • Almost 150 years of experience in the manufacture of wood

  • Timber from sustainably managed forests – 100% PEFC certified

  • Hardwearing easy-care surfaces with permaDur finish, bioTec oil/wax finish or naturaLin plus natural oil finish

  • Easy to install with Top Connect – Underfloor Heating compatible

  • Can be sanded several times

  • Warranty up to 30 years

Advantages of HARO Laminate Floors
  • Brand quality from Germany’s leading wood flooring manufacturer – Made in Germany
  • 25 years of experience in the production of laminate flooring
  • Easy to install: HARO click laminate floor with Top Connect, also suitable for use with underfloor heating
  • Optimum moisture protection thanks to the aquaTec system
  • The world’s quietest laminate floor thanks to Silent CT with ComforTec technology
  • Durable and easy to maintain, underfloor heating compatible
  • Healthy indoor climate
  • Laminate floor warranty up to 25 year
Made in Germany. European Elegance. Ideal for New Zealand.
  • Ideal for Commercial & Residential applications.
  • Imported direct to New Zealand from the Haro factory in Germany.
  • Ecologically Sustainable, Environmentally Certified, and formaldehyde free.
  • Totally Pre-Finished – ready to walk on immediately. There is no sanding, staining or lacquering required, therefore, no mess or lingering smells.
  • A large range of matching Stair Nosings and Skirting boards.
  • All flooring is fully warranted for laying over Underfloor Heating systems (up to 28°C).
  • Locking system on all four sides for Easy Installation and exceptional stability
  • 30 year Warranty in residential applications for Timber and 20 years for Laminate flooring.
All About Wood Flooring

Express your personality
Timber turns rooms into comfortable retreats all over the world. Timber Floor is available in various formats, colours and wood types. Therefore, it offers an amazing number of possibilities to accentuate your personal style. By the way, in many countries, the timber floor is installed first and then the furniture is selected to go with the floor. In our range, you will find a vast number of possible combinations that allow you to choose the perfect timber floor for your style of living.

Pure nature – for an healthy indoor climate
Already in the early days, humans learned to appreciate wood as a natural raw material that is robust and durable, yet comfortable and warm, whether for the use as a floor or as wall panels. A timber floor brings nature into your home. Timber has a positive effect on the room climate due to its natural properties: wood is hygroscopic, which means that it absorbs air humidity and releases it in doses into the atmosphere. This is why timber floors are particularly suitable for people suffering from allergies.
HARO brand-quality timber boards are “Made in Germany”, which generally stands for high quality and manufacturing according to the strict German environmental standards. It is not without reason that HARO Timber has been awarded the renowned ‘Blue Angel’ eco label.

Enjoy a lifetime of wood floors
You will enjoy a high-quality timber floor for many years, as a long lifespan and a high stability of value are characteristics of wood. With the appropriate cleaning and care products, like those from clean & green, a wooden floor is easy to maintain and will keep keeps its beauty for a long time. Timber is the only floor covering that can be renovated and sanded, which is why timber is a real store of value for the home. Quality that pays off – HARO offers an extended warranty on timber of up to 30 years in addition to the statutory warranty term.

All About Laminate Flooring

Beautiful, hard-wearing, modern and easy to maintain – that’s what HARO Laminate Floors are known for

Wood reproductions in the spotlight
An amazing appearance! Astonishingly authentic, totally natural. Our HARO Laminate Floors make it difficult to distinguish from the original. This comes as no surprise, considering our more than 60 years of experience in the manufacturing of multilayer parquet.

As a parquet specialist, we have an especially good feel for the most beautiful and natural wood styles, and we know exactly how to display them in the best light. Enter the world of HARO Laminate Floors – and let your rooms be in the spotlight.

Life in a new light
Oak, Pine, Walnut – who could know better what authentic wood styles have to look like than the parquet specialist HARO? Our Laminate floors mirror nature perfectly, transforming rooms, giving them personality and significance. Our Laminate floors create a relaxed atmosphere and lastingly enhance quality of living The allure of wood is inescapable.

Hardly distinguishable from wood, it is not only the look that distinguishes our laminate floors from others – our HARO Laminate floors are particularly durable and hard-wearing. Our floors always meet highest quality standards! Living and working in a new light – with HARO.

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