Harris Builders

Harris Builders is an award winning building company based in Nelson at the top of the South Island. Nelson is reputed to have the highest sunshine hours in New Zealand, nestled in the sheltered waters of Tasman bay surrounded with mountains to the west, hills to the east with golden beaches and rivers meandering through it's valleys.

"We believe that our builds enhance our community both visually and aesthetically."

We are a small versatile building company, our predominant market is building architecturally designed houses at the top end of the market. Projects we engage range from commercial, alterations, renovations to shop fits. We have over 12 years experience in the Nelson region and a reputation for quality. We are a Registered Master Builder and licensed practitioneer.

Managing Director, John Harris is "hands on", as in he still swings a hammer. He's very much involved in the process right from the start. John first became involved in construction with a local earthworks company as a holiday job whilst home from his studies at university. He soon realised that he preferred working outdoors, a lifestyle that has shaped his life as a young man. A keen tramper, alpine climber and now enjoys the diversity of multisport and adventure racing. He has nurtured a culture amongst the staff for quality workmanship and attention to detail. We employ qualified carpenters and oversee the training of apprentices. We are a family business with John's wife Jo managing our home-based office.

"Let us take the stress out of building, we have the experience and expertise to manage your project"

Organising contracts, insurance and site management and providing a timeline we can do this for you. We prefer to align ourself with proven subcontractors who have the same drive for quality as we do. We want the build to be a stress-free process by managing our sites well, keep the channels of communication open and work together with our clients to achieve the desired result.

"Even before designing our house we knew we wanted Harris Builders to build it. John's reputation for building technically challenging houses is second-to-none in Nelson, we trusted him to deliver the best results in terms of cost, timelines, advice and quality. The process of the build went very smoothly thanks to John, he insulated us from any stresses that occurred and made sure work was done to the high standard we required (and he requires of himself). Trust is implicit with John and he is someone who will always do what he says. We incorporated many changes druing the build, many at John's suggestion, and he was very flexible in delaing with these. At the end of it all, our immense satisfaction of living in a house that has been built well is down to John and the efforts of his qualified staff." Mike Brown, Haycocks Road

"Having our house built by John Harris and his team has been a rewarding experience. The design was technically highly challenging, however they executed it superbly and to our budget. We felt informed and connected to the build at every stage and now love living in our new house."
Mark & Sally Barron, Examiner Street" John with clients Mike & Tania at the RMBA House of the Year Awards 2011

"Through my job at the time I went through a house being constructed by Harris Builders and was impressed at the quality and attention to detail. We consulted other builders and viewed their work but it became apparent that Harris Builders was our first choice. John Harris was very easy to work with, he always answered any queries we had promptly, never became stressed when we requested last minute changes and always seemed to anticipate any options we would prefer. John constructed on time with very few problems along the way. He had a very good team working on our house and even though we moved in slightly early, before the house was finished, the builders who came daily to complete it were very accommodating. Our house is extremely well built and a pleasure to live in. We would not hesitate to recommend Harris Builders to anyone thinking of building a house." Jill Ellison, Richmond

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