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In 1922, the philosophy of our founder Harry Jenkin was simple —

“You don’t sharpen tools — you keep them sharp”

Today staying sharp for Jenkin is still based on the original values established over three generations ago; integrity, innovation and foresight. It means we strive for quality in everything we do from providing consistently superior product, to timely investment in technology, to fostering loyal relationships with our customers.

Foresight has turned our focus entirely on adding value to finger-jointed and clear wood products. As these pine products are finding increasing appeal with a new generation of designers and builders there is a rapidly growing market for our A-lign, Tru-Pine and Bodyguard product ranges.


Harry starts building after convalescing when he returned from Gallipolli. His Grandfather and great grandfather were builders and had a joinery factory in Cornwall, England. Harry's father left England in 1874 and started building in Auckland, in his joinery factory in Ponsonby.

"Harry was described as a tough old bird who helped a lot of people. The word got around that he did a good job at a fair price. His reputation won him contract building work repairing government houses - and his honesty and reliability lead to more work and more staff…"


First joinery started with a universal woodcutter under Harry's home.

"Joinery started with a universal woodcutter under a lean to from Harry's garage." He wasn't scared of new ways of doing things - a quality that's been passed down over the generations…"


Jim Jenkin, Harry's son joins as an apprentice. "During the war years Harry's business produced joinery for Avondale Hospital and the US Army. (Pre-cutting army huts)"


Factory at Mt Albert and partners in timber mill.


H.Jenkin & Son partnership formed and building started at Carr Rd.


New factory at Carr Road, Mt Roskill. Jim now Managing Director. Wide range of joinery products produced.


Expanded into fingerjointed timber. Installed finger-jointer No.1. "In 1956, clear 12 x 1 was difficult to obtain in the lengths wanted for kitchens and cupboards. Finger-jointing was a natural progression. Over the next decade mechanical and electronic technology transforms the business of finger-jointing."


Major modernisation of plant and systems. Installed finger-jointer No.2 and Gubish moulder.


Jenkin were one of the first to use finger-jointed pine in New Zealand. In 1968 we pioneered the specialised manufacture of sashes and doors.


Gary Jenkin, Jim's son, starts work. Finger-jointer No 3 added.


Jim Jenkin and Murray Seagar pioneer the 10mm mini joint, saving 4% in waste material "When some companies ran the risk of not trying anything new - Jenkin took the leap. Jim and Murray's passion for new machinery and problem solving remains very much a part of the company culture."


Finger-jointer No 5 was the world leading Dimter – one of the first of its kind in New Zealand.


First exports to Australia (fascia and billiard table legs.) 


Dehumidifier kiln pioneered mouldings to Darwin. Managing Director, Jim Jenkin, visits USA and Germany to inspect woodworking plants and machinery.


Company name change to Jenkin Timber. First exports to Japan. Now capable of designing and producing virtually any moulding a client requires.


Exports double in two years, reaching one million per annum. Jenkin Timber receive Export Award from the Minister of Trade.


Concourse land Purchased. Site works.


Concourse factory building commences.


Gary Jenkin, now Managing Director.


Major investment in technology includes large Dimter finger-jointer (No.6) and Weinig 180b and 120a. Export drive continues.


New tool room in operation. Repositioning in factory improves work flow.

"Substantial increases in exports to Australia and Japan between 1991 - 1994 feed the growth and focus of the company. Profit was poured back into major upgrades in plant and technology. Our Tru-Pine products have now proved themselves generation after generation."


Tradenz Award for doubling our exports between 1992 - 1996


Major Extensions at The Concourse.

  • Implementation of Marketing Department and increase in local representation.
  • New local distribution centre constructed.
  • Advanced optimising saw installed.
  • Woodbending plant installed.
  • FutureProof (LOSP) Treatment Plant fully upgraded to state of the art mechanics and software.


The latest GreCon Dimter finger-jointer installed. (No 7)


"The Jenkin Operation continues to grow with the addition of a new 4000m2 extension to the factory."


Jenkin A-lign cladding is launched into the New Zealand market and marks the start of a design-led approach to product development and manufacture.


Jenkin implements the 'lean manufacturing' philosophy throughout the factory, combined with an internal values initiative.


Jenkin launches A-lign Concealed Fix. A new innovative option to the existing premium A-lign cladding system.


Jenkin A-lign fencing is launched. Classic. Elegant. Simple. D.I.Y. double-sided custom fencing solutions






As a family business our history and our future is all about close associations and the value this brings to good business. Our people have earned Jenkin the reputation of being able to meet the challenges of modern business.

Resident Builder, Peter Wolfkamp has a wealth of real world experience building architectural homes and technical knowledge to draw on with his vast understanding on the tools- alongside his skills in editorial and TV/radio presenting.

His portfolio of carpentry work is diverse, including classic villa’s in Auckland’s Devonport, contemporary townhouses, rustic country estates, and historic restoration projects. Peter gained valuable experience during a short sabbatical in the South of France where he worked on a 16th century farmhouse restoration project. His professional development has continued with the NZGBC Homestar Home Coach and Practitioner training, and the new Licensed Building Practitioner scheme established by DBH.

Alongside this hands-on and, at times, finger-bruising vocation, Peter’s work in the media is where he shines, combining practical and real world building knowledge and a winning personality. Recent media work includes featuring as a talkback host on NewstalkZB with his Sunday morning Show and Site Foreman on TV3’s The Block NZ.

We are thrilled to have Peter Wolfkamp on board as a brand ambassador for our popular Jenkin A-lign Concealed Fix and A-lign Nail Fix products. Keep an eye on our blog THE JENKIN POST as we showcase A-lign products during the up and coming season of TV3’s The Block NZ.

Wood has long been a popular choice for building. It is an attractive natural product that offers design flexibility, durability, and thermal, acoustic, and fire performance. Wood is also a most renewable and sustainable building material. The cycle of planting and harvesting of plantation forests results in the removal and storage of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This helps make timber an environmentally friendly choice for anyone concerned about their carbon footprint.

Jenkin’s range of timber products are made from radiata pine grown in New Zealand’s renewable plantation forests.

As a result of decades of investment in forestry research, New Zealand’s radiata pine forests produce timber of uniform density and colour. This timber is finger-jointed which improves on the original physical and structural characteristics of radiata pine by over 400%.

The products created from our finger-jointed pine are easy to handle. They have excellent machining qualities, and a high quality finish can be achieved.

Benefits of finger-jointed timber

Finger-jointed pine products are created from high quality timber from which defects, such as knots, have been removed. Finger-joints are precisely cut into the pieces of timber, and each joint is then glued in place. This creates a product that has superior durability, strength and stability than the original pieces of lumber.

Finger-jointing is used for both structural products, such as laminated beams, and appearance products, such as weatherboards, balustrades and fascias.

Jenkin’s finger-jointed structural products are manufactured to meet the demanding Australian AS 5068 standard, as well as New Zealand, Japanese, USA and British structural testing standards. The products have high tensile strength, and the adhesives used meet strict exterior and exposure standards.

The appearance products we manufacture for the Australasian market are jointed with a 4mm micro joint. A clear adhesive is used to maintain visual appeal of the products.

For further information on finger-jointing visit


Wood is one of the most renewable and sustainable building materials. The cycle of planting and harvesting of plantation forests results in the removal and storage of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This helps make timber an environmentally friendly choice for anyone concerned about their carbon footprint.

Jenkin exclusively uses timber produced in New Zealand’s radiata pine plantation forests. The timber from these forests meets the standards set by the international Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) for environmentally responsible, socially beneficial, and economically viable forest management. This means Jenkin can supply product that carries the prized FSC® certification.

When you choose a New Zealand manufactured pine product made from timber sourced from one of our sustainably managed forests you are making a responsible choice.

Jenkin Timber Limited's wood procurement policy is publicly available by contacting our FSC Chain of Custody Manager at

Go to to see more about the advantages of renewable pine and the environmental impact of pine alternatives such as concrete, steel, aluminium and fibrocement.

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