Keeping warm is a basic need that we all share, and the ambience, natural warmth and comfort of a flickering fire is the perfect way to keep your home warm, dry and healthy. We are dedicated wood fire specialists and pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials, workmanship and the very latest manufacturing techniques. We are also proud to support local industry and New Zealand’s future by continuing to design and manufacture our wood fires right here in New Zealand.

Our continued focus on research and development, coupled with our product design & innovation saw us acknowledged at New Zealand’s BEST Awards where we received the Sustainable Product Design & Consumer Awards. Receiving these awards reinforces our commitment to deliver quality NZ made wood fires to Kiwi homes providing many years of warmth and service.

While we specialise in wood fire development, we also provide the complete home heating solution with our extensive range of complimentary heating products. From our unique Metro ECO flue systems, wetbacks and heat transfer systems, to our range of floor protectors (hearths), child guards and heating accessories.

Welcome natural warmth and comfort into your home.

Metro have dedicated years of development and testing to deliver the best performance and efficiency from a flue system. A Metro ECO Flue System will retain the warmth from your Metro wood fire in your home, and reduce fuel consumption at the same time. The Metro ECO Base Flue system (designed for freestanding wood fires) is a double-liner system consisting of a 150mm flue pipe, 200mm inner liner, 250mm outer liner and Metro ECO Cowl.

The easily-recognisable rocket shaped cowling operates on a vertical discharge principle, and induces updraft to the flue gases increasing draw within the flue pipe. The unique design and performance of the Metro ECO Cowl and ECO Base Flue system is what sets it apart from a standard design flue system.

The Metro ECO Base Flue system is ventilated from either your home’s ceiling cavity or from outside the home, not from the room being heated by your wood fire. This ensures all the heat provided by your wood fire stays within your home instead of disappearing up the flue system to ventilate it.

The Metro ECO Option Kit is designed for installation in combination with the Metro ECO Base Flue System. The ECO Option kit enables homes without a vented ceiling cavity or homes featuring a sloping ceiling, to still achieve the same performance and efficiency benefits the Metro ECO Base Flue System provides. Instead of the ventilation for the flue system being drawn from within the ceiling cavity, it is drawn from outside the home.

Find our more about the full range of Metro ECO Flue Systems at

Watching real flames, and hearing and feeling the crackling heat have been the nicest features of a fire for thousands of years. The Metro range of wood fires takes the genuine power of fire, the magic of its flames and delivers it's natural warmth to your family home. A Metro fire can also do more than simply heat your home. It can also heat water, save on power bills, provide security against electricity restrictions or outages, and can also be used to cook on and boil water for drinking.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, Metro utilises the highest quality materials, workmanship and the very latest manufacturing techniques. Ongoing investment into research and development, rigorous quality control and premium warranties are testament to Metro’s commitment to remain at the forefront of the wood fire industry.

The benefits of Metro

  • Clean air approved models meet NZ’s stringent clean air requirements
  • LTD models feature longer burn times and larger capacity wetbacks for water heating
  • Premium 10 year firebox warranty and 1 year parts warranty
  • Manufactured in 6, 8 and 10mm NZ carbon steel with fire brick lined fireboxes
  • Big on features, massive on performance, small on price
  • Proudly 100% New Zealand made by a locally owned and operated company
  • Trusted, reliable heat for your home

The benefits of using wood to heat your home

  • A wood fire is relatively cheap to run, even if you have to purchase firewood.
  • If you have access to free firewood, your running costs will be close to zero.
  • Burning wood from sustainable forests is carbon neutral. While trees are growing, they capture carbon dioxide from the air. This carbon dioxide is released either when the wood is burnt, or when the tree dies and rots. While some emissions are produced in the transporting and processing of the wood, this is only a very small amount per unit of heat produced.
  • Wood is renewable and sustainable. New Zealand has extensive areas of forestry. Generation after generation of trees can be successfully harvested to produce firewood.
  • Metro wood fires will work during power cuts and can provide heat, hot water and also cook food on.
  • Most Metro models can be equipped with a wetback to heat household hot water.

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