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The original company was formed in 1987 when Arthur Carson and Bruce Calway offered the construction industry a range of building sealants and waterproofing solutions. Since the company was formed, over 9,000 separate waterproofing projects have been undertaken. Over years, the company gradually expanded and forged firm relationships with most of the largest construction companies and top end residential builders in Auckland while still retaining their personal service to small operators and individual customers.

In 2008 Arthur retired and the business was bought out by exisitng Director Bruce Calway and Jamie Carson.

Keeping to the forefront of specialised waterproofing and sealing technology and ensuring correct training of their applicators meant that the company remains one of the leading businesses in the field.

Today MPM Waterproofing Services Ltd employs 17 staff including 15 highly trained and experienced applicators, most of whom have extensive experience within the industry.

The friendly, knowledgeable staff at MPM Waterproofing Services are always happy to offer consultancy on the best product and application advice for your next project.

Waterproofing in new construction is typically only 1-2% of the building cost, but it is one of the leading components of construction defects. Hence, waterproofing systems are critical components of the building envelope, and the complexity of applications increases the importance of quality workmanship.

We also know that a target of zero defects in our operations can only be achieved if we have a robust Quality Assurance system in place.

An effective quality programme is a critical element in any assurance process as it assists in providing successful applications, which in turn provides building owners with peace of mind.

Quality Assurance inspections ensure that the roofing and waterproofing applications are in accordance with the project requirements, applicable standards and proper manufacturer procedures.

To attain this we have installed a system of checks which we feel gives us a decided point of difference in the trade.

We are continually improving our processes so that customers receive an unrivalled project completion standard.

James Lawrence - Quality Assurance Officer

Keeping water out of below ground structures requires careful choice and application of waterproofing systems to ensure effective long term protection.

Wherever there is a chance of external hydrostatic pressure, for example in deep excavations, high ground water levels, proximity to lakes, streams, springs or tidal areas we almost exclusively recommend Volclay Bentonite sealing solutions as supplied by the NZ agents Allco Waterproofing Solutions ltd.

Bentonite is a natural, non toxic, plastic-like clay that when wet can swell 10 to 15 times its dry volume.  It is frequently mixed with other polymers and chemicals to improve its acid resistance and other properties.  To keep it in place for application, Bentonite is generally placed in woven mats or panels that bond to the concrete.  When properly applied and constrained, Bentonite transforms to a thick impermeable gel that has the ability to absorb movement.  Unlike any other waterproofing product it will self heal  minor penetrations.

While Bentonite sounds like the perfect waterproofing solution for tanking, it requires careful aplication to ensure the product is properly constrained and cannot expand uncontrollably.  It can also be affected by acidic ground water so it is essential you talk to people who understand the product and can recommend the correct product from the extensive Volclay range.

We are licenced applicators of Volclay and Sika Bentonite systems.  Call us today to discuss how we can best protect your building from annoying and costly water leaks.

Bentonite systems have also been successfully used in above ground structures such as plaza decks.

Contact MPM Waterproofing Services Ltd for the best below ground waterproofing, basement waterproofing and retaining wall waterproofing systems available.

We supply and apply membranes to make your deck waterproof. We offer BRANZ appraised liquid or heat (torch) applied products to ensure everything under the deck stays dry.

Careful design, product selection and application is required to ensure correct water runoff and to elimanate potential water traps and ponding.

We work closely with architects, designers and building owners to ensure the best materials and methods are used for each job.

Different products and application methods are used in the following types of decks:

  • Tiled
  • Paved
  • Concreted
  • Planted
  • Light foot traffic
  • Heavy foot traffic
  • Painted or colour coated
  • Exposed

We use quality products from the following companies:

  • Nuralite NZ ltd
  • Equus Industries
  • Allco Waterproofing Solutions
  • Jaydex International
  • Nuplex Industries
  • Hitchins New Zealand Ltd
  • Waterproofing Systems Ltd
  • Ardex
  • Sika NZ Ltd
  • Bostik

All of our applicators are trained in the correct application of these products

New Zealand's weather conditions can be the most extreme of anywhere in the world with the possibility of high heat, freezing temperatures, salt spray, heavy rain, extreme UV and strong winds. Make sure you get the best products and the best advice from MPM Waterproofing Services Ltd.

We offer a wide range of membrane roofing products for waterproofing both domestic and commercial roofs.

Domestic Roofing

For low pitched and flat roof construction, a waterproof surface is essential to prevent water leakage during the extreme heavy rain our sub tropical climate can produce.

We use Council approved and BRANZ appraised systems as follows

Double layer Bitumen torch applied systems

  • Nuralite Nuraply
  • Equus Tremco & De Boer Duo
  • Nuplex Soprema
  • Ardex Shelterbit
  • Hitchins Index
  • Allco Casali
  • Jaydex Polibit
  • Waterproofing Systems Bituflame

Single layer TPO / TPE systems

  • Nuralite Nuratech TPE
  • Ardex TPO
  • Casali Mapeplan TPO
  • Viking Roofspecs Enviroclad TPO

Our applicators take great care to carefully seal around problem areas such as vents, skylights, dormer windows, chimneys and eaves to ensure a leak free roof.

We have worked on many architecturally designed homes where complex roof shapes have been successfully sealed. We can also supply green roof systems such as roof gardens and earth insulated roofs.

Commercial Roofing

We have worked on some of the largest commercial office buildings and apartment blocks in New Zealand.

We can supply waterproof roofing solutions for the following applications:

Concrete roofed parking buildings

  • Office buildings
  • Podium roofing
  • Plaza decks
  • Apartment blocks

We can supply waterproofing solutions for rooftop gardens, planted roof areas and green roof systems for commercial buildings.

Keeping water where it should be and away from where it should not be is vitally important around internal wet areas. Many "leaky building" problems are not caused by external leaks but from leakage from bathrooms, laundries, kitchens and other wet areas that have not been properly sealed.

With over 25 years experience, we know exactly how to go about applying waterproof membranes for showers, bathrooms and other internal wet areas. We work with many building companies who use our services to give both them and their clients peace of mind.

We use BRANZ appraised products and pay careful attention to application to ensure that there is no possibility of moisture escaping into walls, floors or ceilings.

Our systems are used under tiled areas in domestic buildings, commercial kitchens and gymnasium showers etc.

Where required we supply products in accordance with your local council building regulations. Most of our specialised products have a BRANZ Appraisal Certificate assessed for use in both E2/AS1 situations.

Our experience and wide product knowledge means we do not use the same product for all situations. We carefully select from a wide range of top quality brands to ensure that any possibility of leakage is minimised.

Some of the brands we use for internal waterproofing are:

  • Ardex Superflex
  • Bostik Dampfix
  • Waterproofing Systems Duroset / DuroQik
  • Nuralite Nuradeck C
  • Jaydex Aquadex
  • Equus Chevaline Dexx
  • Nuplex Aquaguard 101 / Situflex EWS
  • Hitchins Traffigard

Contact MPM WATERPROOFING SERVICES LTD today for all your internal waterproofing needs.


Precast panel walls are assembled on site with expansion gaps to allow for expansion, movement and seismic activity.

MPM Waterproofing Services Ltd applies specialist sealants to the joints to provide an external waterproof seal and an internal fire rating.

We only use polyurethane sealants for this work as it is the most flexible sealant and is superior to acrylic sealants.


Concrete block walls also require flexible expansion and seismic joints. Our sealant systems can provide a flexible, waterproof joint that meets fire rating standards. The products we use are BRANZ appraised and have proven extremely effective over time.


We can advise on the best products to use for the sealing of external windows, doors and other features depending on construction materials and methods used. Our experience in both products and their application means you will avoid the leaky building syndrome that in the past was often caused by incorrect product choice and poor application.


We can remove damaged or failed sealants and replace them to current building standards using modern, reliable products.

We use the highest quality Sika and Bostik brands for our sealing applications.

Call MPM Waterproofing Services Ltd today for all your sealing requirements.

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