Leuschke Group Ltd Registered Architects are a well established, multi-award winning firm of architects. The firm is client focused, responding to the varying needs of clients and working on a wide variety of commissions. The highest level of design and detail is applied to all architectural projects regardless of varying building types and budgets. Leuschke Group Ltd Registered Architects pride themselves not only on their architectural designs but also on their technical knowledge and skills in accurately documenting construction. They are also expert in the administration of contracts taking their design through the construction phase to a successful conclusion both commercially and aesthetically.

Leuschke Group Ltd Registered Architects are proud of their completed body of work. This is reflected in the joy reflected in their building designs. From high rise urban buildings to beautiful coastal residences, each project is valued and each design is unique reflecting its location and the owners dreams and aspirations.


Colin Leuschke

B.A. B.Arch. A.N.Z.I.A. Registered Architect. Founding Director Leuschke Group Ltd. Colin has a vast range of experience as the architect responsible for a wide range of completed projects including Princes Wharf, Hilton Hotel and a large number of commercial and industrial buildings. Lately he has been responsible for the design of a number of large scale apartment buildings in Auckland ,Wellington and Queenstown.

Lindy Leuschke

N.Z.C.D. B.Arch. A.N.Z.I.A. Registered Architect. Lindy specialises in top end coastal and urban housing and residential alterations. Her talents have been recognised in numerous publications and architectural awards.

Brian Cocker

B.Arch A.N.Z.I.A. Registered Architect. Director Leuschke Group Ltd. Brian has extensive experience in the documentation and contract administration of construction in N.Z. His professional skills extend to commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

Leslie Graham

N.Z.C.D. Senior Technician. Leslie has been with Leuschke Group Ltd since its founding. He is responsible for documentation and administration of larger, complex projects.

Alister Kitchen

B.B.Sc. B.Arch. A.N.Z.I.A. Registered Architect. Associate, Leuschke Group Ltd. Alister excels in the creative concepts of many of the buildings produced by the practice.

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