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Whether you’re after affordable quality, or a premium European brand, you can relax because Vienna Woods have it. We are direct importers offering the largest range of European wood flooring brands in New Zealand, plus European laminate flooring, natural wood panels and acoustic panels.

We focus on the 3 most critical areas to provide the highest quality possible: the best brands and warranties, exceptional installation quality from our German-trained installers, and exclusive European glue and underlay for class-leading sound-reduction and environmental safety.

Contact us today for expert advice, nationwide service and an unrivaled choice of flooring and wood panels.

Vienna Woods specialise in supplying very natural looking, high-quality engineered timber flooring, natural wood panels and laminate flooring.

We are especially passionate about our unique wood flooring - offering New Zealand's widest range of European brands for a superior range of colours, wood treatments, textures and finishes.

European precision and quality brings a more exclusive atmosphere to your interior - however this quality doesn't have to cost you any more. Ask us about our affordable flooring options.

Finally, as part of our drive to offer the very best quality possible, we have our own German trained installation team providing a world-class installation service.


From the first contact, we will see to it that you get friendly advice on everything you need to know about choosing the proper floor for your interior; taking into account your budget, appearance and colour requirements, durability and maintenance preferences.



Respect for wood and the forests it comes from is paramount to us. Most of our raw wood is sourced from PEFC certified sustainable forests. This ensures that for every log harvested, more trees are planted. Our natural wood finishes meet European environmental safety standards.


Service and after-sales support are central to Vienna Woods. We provide world-class installation and care advice for the life of your hardwood or laminate floor. Our extensive warranty arrangements mean the support you receive after purchase is excellent.

Our wood is sourced from the best sustainably-managed forests in Western, Central and Eastern Europe. Soil mineral composition, climate and geographic conditions all play a large part in the aesthetics and durability of wood flooring, therefore we place great importance on the source of our raw wood.


French Oak is highly regarded as a premier European Oak noted for its rich tones, distinct grain patterns and unique characteristics. Lamett French Oak is sourced from the finest PEFC-certified sustainable forests in France, ensuring superior durability and stability. French Oak possesses a higher tannin content which results in a more subtle effect when staining the timber.



Only the highest quality oak is suitable to be made into an Admonter. Premium quality, naturally grown (not plantation grown) oak is sourced from Central European PEFC-certified forests. By only sourcing PEFC-certified oak the quality and consistency is guaranteed. Naturally grown, Central European Oak is characterised by unique soil mineral and climactic conditions, ensuring superior durability, stability and a very attractive wood grain. By comparison plantation grown oak grows much faster than naturally occurring oak, therefore it is less durable and stable, and more prone to diseases that may affect the wood quality.


Admonter Ash is PEFC-certified, of exceptional quality and is sourced from Central Europe.


Admonter’s premium quality Larch is sourced from Austrian PEFC-certified forests. Larch flooring is very popular in central European Alpine regions, imparting a very warm, peaceful ‘Alpine’ atmosphere.


Admonter Beech is sourced from PEFC-certified Austrian forests. Admonter Beech flooring is available in its natural state, or thermo-treated to obtain a dark colour tone(from the Mocca range). Thanks to the thermo-treatment process, Beech, one of the most unstable wood species, becomes so stable it is suitable for use over floor heating systems.


Robinia is a beautiful, unique looking wood which is especially attractive after thermo-treatment (a process which darkens the wood without using chemicals or dyes). Robinia comes from both Austrian and Hungarian PEFC-certified forests.


These species are predominately grown in North America; therefore Admonter sources these classic hardwoods from the finest PEFC-certified forests in the USA and Canada.


Admonter European Maple is PEFC-certified and comes from Central Europe.


High quality Spruce is mostly used in the middle and lower layers of the engineered plank. Admonter PEFC-certified Spruce is sourced from Austria, Finland and Sweden.


The intensely cold Ukrainian winter naturally slows the oak’s growth producing a beautiful grain appearance, improved density and toughness, less knots and exceptionally consistent colour flow.

While the intense winter plays its part, soil mineral composition also contributes to the oak’s unique appearance. Slow-Grown Ukrainian Oak is more neutral in colour than oak from some other sources and for this reason is prized by architects and interior designers alike.


We only source European oak as American oak is considered by many to provide a less interesting grain structure and less attractive overall appearance. European oak possesses a warmth and character that you won’t find in American oak.

Our name was inspired by The Vienna Woods, situated on the outskirts of Vienna, which forms a branch of the foothills of the Northern Limestone Alps. The entire 1350sq km Vienna Woods area has been protected by UNESCO and named a biosphere reserve.

The Vienna Woods are a favourite weekend playground for the city of Vienna and were the inspiration behind the famous Strauss Waltz - Tales from The Vienna Woods. A play and movie by the same name are also well known.

A world city situated in the midst of such natural splendour is unique, and protecting The Vienna Woods is typical of Austrians love of nature. This respect for nature is one reason why we've partnered with Admonter of Austria to offer their exceptional floors, sourced from certified-sustainable forests.

Underfloor heating creates one of the most challenging environments in which to lay a wood floor. The wider the plank, the more the potential for expansion and contraction of the wood floor. Heating the floor can further increase plank movement.

Excessive plank movement can lead to twisting, cupping and warping. That’s why it's vital to only use perfectly engineered wide plank floors with underfloor heating.

The term 'stability' refers to how much wood will expand and contract with humidity fluctuations. Increased stability = reduced plank movement. So the aim is to install wood flooring of superior stability over the floor heating system.

Our suppliers are renowned for their technical supremacy in this area, and can offer a range of options to ensure peace of mind with underfloor heating, as follows:


The term 'engineered' means a plank of 3 layers or multi-layer structure, similar to a plywood structure. This engineered plank structure is approximately 70% more stable than solid wood planks ('solid' meaning wood that is not made up of layers). This is why 80% of wood floors installed in Europe are now of engineered multi-layer or 3-ply construction. All of our wood brands come in an engineered plank construction.


An evolution of the engineered plank structure is offered by Admonter; a 3-layer engineered plank consisting of upper and lower layers of the same thickness (other manufacturers use a much thinner layer of wood on the lower layer than on the upper layer). Admonter's plank construction with upper and lower layers of the same dimensions ensures exceptional balance and stability. The integrity of this symmetrical structure cannot be beaten and means an Admonter wide plank floor will not twist, cup or warp, even when used with floor heating.


Admonter thermo-treated wood is an additional 50% more stable than non-thermo treated wood. A perfect choice for use with floor heating, humid climates or in bathrooms. Thermo-treating wood is a way of colouring the wood throughout the wear layer, using heat and time, without the use of chemicals or dyes. Because of its technical advantages, beautiful appearance and chemical-free process, thermo-treated oak, ash, beech, larch and acacia are becoming very popular. A great alternative to tropical woods. Admonter are a leader in the use of thermo-heated wide plank floors. For more information on thermo-treated floors, click here.


For particularly challenging environments we can specify that the bottom layer is made from the same species as the top layer; compared to a standard engineered plank that has a thin bottom layer of birch or similar. This construction creates a perfectly symmetrical plank as the stability rating of the identical species used on these two layers is the same, ensuring the inherent forces of wood are tamed. This structure is optional in the Classic Hardwoods range.

*Note: Installation instructions and heating instructions must be followed. Floor surface temperature must never exceed 29 degrees celsius.

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