These Fixed Skylights are high quality, made in Europe and imported to New Zealand.

BRANZ Appraised in New Zealand: BRANZ Appraisal No. 749 (2011)

Warranty: 20 years on Insulated glass, 10 years on the skylight.


External Frame: Aluminium coated with UV and weather resistant polyester paint for longevity.

Internal Frame: Premium Nordic Pine Wood coated with double acrylic lacquer resistant to weather conditions and UV. Wood is vacuum treated.

Internal Gasket: Allows drainage of moisture to building exterior.

Perimeter Gasket: Seals the gap between frame and roof construction

Easy Installation System: Unique in design, the skylight only requires 4-6 screws through predrilled frame holes.

Glazing FX-Z3 Insulated Glazed Unit Z3 T4Le-ST16Ar-T4 External pane toughened 4mm Argon filled space 16mm Internal pane toughened 4mm with low emission coating Meets AS/NZS 2208 Standards Low e coating to reflect thermal radiation on external pane and reduce heat gain and heat loss through skylight.

Flashings: aluminium flashing coated with UV and weather-resistant coating for high profiled roofing materials e.g. corrugated, concrete tile or Decrobond.

Suitability: Suitable for roofs with pitches between 15° and 60° (when fitted with correct flashing).

Glazing: Toughened/Toughened

Air Infiltration: 0.04 l/s/m2 (< 0.008 cfm/ft2)

Water Resistance: 720 Pa (15psf)

R Value: 0.67m2 K/W

SHGC 0.46

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