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Type: Wall-hung
Burner: Manual
Dimensions: WxDxH 700x180x600mm
Layout: Open to front
Control: Manual
Finish: Black; Burner - Brushed stainless steel

We at Naked Flame are also now very fortunate to be working with Deco Flame, the world leaders in Bio Fire Technology. Danish manufactured products that are amazingly advanced in technology, amazingly beautiful in creation, and amazingly captivating to see working. If you are after an exquisite fire that will look stunning while heating your home, and also give you that edge of having a Bio Fuel fire, then have a look at our range of DecoFlame products, or call in to discuss what it is you’re after.

BioFuel - What is it and where do I get it from?

Bio Fuel, or Bio Ethanol is a renewable source of plant based alcohol. When fruit ferments, for example with grapes making wine, or apples making cider, and various other plants materials can be used, the by product to that is 100% alcohol - Bio Fuel. The Clean Green Alternative! 100% Carbon Neutral.

Because the BioFuel is a natural fuel, a huge added benefit is that it doesn’t dry the air out like gas or heat pumps do. Not only that, but LPG is a very toxic gas that needs to be vented, and the cost of electricity and LPG is always on the rise. BioFuel fires are so clean burning, that they don’t need to be vented, or connected to any sort of chimney, and aside from the automated options, don’t require any power to operate them. Because they don’t require a chimney, all the heat stays inside, and that’s what makes Naked Flame fires so efficient and so effective.

Is it safe to drink? Absolutely not! It is illegal for anyone in New Zealand to sell 100% alcohol, so a denaturing agent needs to be added. Naked Flame have teamed up with an experienced bio chemist to create a very low odour, very clean burning Ethanol Blend of 99% Ethanol and 1% Denaturing agent. Because BioFuel is a plant based fuel, and not a fossil fuel, it is also much healthier and cleaner burning with the amount of CO2 emitted being the equivalent to that of the human breath.

We at Naked Flame source our BioFuel from Fonterra right here in NZ, so can guarantee it’s purity and concentration every time, and consequently only recommend you use our BioFuel for burning in any fire that we sell. We have purposefully made the price of the fuel as low as possible, to make the operation of the fires as low as possible.

You can buy the fuel from us by either calling into store to pickup, or having it delivered to your door, anywhere in the country. We guarantee continuous supply as long as there are cows being milked in New Zealand.

BioFuel Fires are a very new concept to the New Zealand market, even we had no idea how they worked until we got them in ourselves. They are amazingly easy and safe to use, create a very real vibrant stunning flame, and give off an incredible amount of heat. That combined with the designs we have on offer, and you have an unbeatable combination.


There are manual and automated options available. The manual burners will need to be filled manually with a fuel pump supplied with each fire sold, and must not be filled whilst the fire is going, or the burner is hot.

The automated ones however can provide a continuous fire for as long as the user desires, and can be turned on or off at the push of a button on a remote control or smartphone app. Ethanol Burners Article

Whether you’re a greeny type that is all about saving the environment or not, there is no argument that if we can use a product that already exists without having to chop down trees or drill holes in the sea floor or burn coal that pollutes the air, it can only be a good thing. The major oil companies are leaning more towards renewable resources and Bio Fuels, so it’s only to be expected that Bio Fuels will be used in other forms also, such as heating.

Other than doing our part for the environment, using a Bio Fuel heater is incredibly clean burning and the amount of Co2 emissions created from one of our fires is only equivalent to the amount emitted from a human breath, so it’s also allowing you warmth and also clean air to breath. Have you ever opened a woodburner and seen a plume of smoke fill the room? Yeah, no longer!! Also if you have any allergies to certain wood or smoke, then our fires are very good at keeping the air clean and allergy free. If you are looking to use a Bio Fire primarily for the purpose of heating, then be sure to get one of the larger ones, or contact us if you have a specific requirement.

Bio Fuel Fires have so many more advantages than disadvantages as mentioned in Pro’s and Con’s, and we are being honest by admitting these will not revolutionise home heating and surpass the efficiency of Heat Pumps, but we are very excited about the concept of them, and with the fact that they are fully self contained, which means even if you do have a Heat Pump then our fires provide great ambience with a Freestanding or Wall Mounted variety, or if you have a Home Ventilation System then these will again provide ambience and also heat that will flow through the house nicely.

Nothing is more beautiful and warming than a Naked Flame.

Safety is Naked Flame’s Number One Priority.

As for all types of fire and fireplaces, it is critical that caution and diligence is used at all times, and Bio Fuel fires are no different to any other type of open flame. It is essential to familiarise oneself with the safety procedures associated with using any Naked Flame Bio Fire, and to educate and diligently induct any other users of the fireplace and it’s safety.

Bio Fuel Fireplace technology is not well known and therefore we recommend that owners thoroughly read the user manual prior to operation, and familiarise themselves with the Fire they have purchased, and treat the Bio Fuel as a highly flammable liquid as they would a petroleum product.



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