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The Acoustic Light stretch ceilings range of products has been eagerly anticipated by the music and interior design industry. After years of careful research and development and countless hours of experimenting and cutting edge engineering, BARRISOL has created a lighting acoustics material that keeps it beautiful lighting aesthetics while providing luxurious aural comfort by reducing the noise coefficient from aw 0.55 to 0.7.

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Click here to read a full blog article about Barrisol and what it means for the NZ market. 

Musicians and designers can finally collaborate organically through this marriage of acoustics and light, to create creative environments that are a treat to the eyes and ears, literally.
The added values of Acoustic Light by BARRISOL are:

  • Acoustic light by BARRISOL® corrects the acoustic of a room while giving the right luminosity to the space,
  • Acoustic light by BARRISOL® is remarkable by its limited weight and its quick implementation,
  • Acoustic light by BARRISOL® has a great aesthetic and design,
  • The quality and transmission of the light are perfectly homogenous,
  • The access and maintenance are of the easiest,
  • Acoustic light by BARRISOL® is in conformity to the fire norms.

As with all of other Stretchmaster services and products, designers have the full benefit of our factory trained implementation specialists, who will ensure that your design is installed with perfect accuracy.

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