ShadowDeck Blackbutt timber is manufactured from Australian Costal Gum that has proven durability in Australian and New Zealand conditions, and is the only truly 100% sustainable hardwood decking solution

The ShadowDeck Blackbutt Timber comes pre-grooved for suitable use with the ShadowDeck Hidden Fastener decking system to achieve an unbeatable nail-less decking solution finish. For further information on the Shadow Deck hidden fastener decking system please click here

ShadowDeck Blackbutt timber can come pre-finished with clear decking oil or stain (recommend doing this prior to laying) or can be left to silver off naturally. After timber has weathered it can be restored to its original colour by cleaning and/or sanding and coating. 

ShadowDeck Blackbutt timber is renowned for its strength and 
versatility and is naturally non-susceptible to Lyctus Borer.

ShadowDeck Blackbutt timber is available in standard sizing of 130x19mm decking

ShadowDeck Blackbutt timber is not only suitable for deck spaces, but commercial applications such as boardwalks, pedestrian & light Vehicle Bridges, loading docks, and grandstands

ShadowDeck Blackbutt termite is resistant and treatment free

ShadowDeck Blackbutt Timber decking is fire rated for use in areas of high fire risk (AS3959) being naturally fire resistant 

ShadowDeck Blackbutt Decking is AFS Chain of
Custody and PEFC certified providing peace of mind
that Shadow Deck’s decking is sourced from sustainably managed and legal forests. 

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