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Cork floor tiles are a natural product that provide warmth, comfort, durability and softness under foot. Cork tiles from Cork Concepts come in an exciting selection of earthy tones, shimmering metallics or customised colours to suit your interior design project.

Cork is the sustainable flooring choice of the future. The best natural insulator known, it will keep your house warm in winter and cool in summer.

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The benefits of Cork

People choose cork because it is warm and soft underfoot. Most people know about cork and remember the comfort and durability of cork. People get very excited when we show them the full range of colours as they still remember cork being only brown. More and more people are getting cork throughout their whole house because of the added insulation benefits that cork has as well as a stunning designer look -most popular is large 450mm square tiles.

  • The fact that cork is a sustainable product is a bonus for most buyers, although first and foremost they are purchasing cork for comfort and design.
  • Cork is perfect in wet areas such as laundries and bathrooms and people are often surprised by this until we remind them that cork is obviously impervious to liquids being that it sits in a wine bottle acting as a barrier between the wine and air!
  • One of the most exciting things about cork is that we can colour match to any colour scheme, we can produce metallics and we are open to any innovative ideas you may have in terms of design.
  • We are world leaders in colouring cork and we export to the USA, UK and Australia because we have developed an amazing colouring system that makes cork flooring look better than ever.
  • Cork is ideal in children’s bedrooms or playing areas as the floor is soft and almost spongy to play on. Cork doesn’t harbour dust-mites and is non allergenic. Kids love cork and you can sit directly on a cork floor without getting a cold bottom.
  • A common thing people say about cork flooring is that when something is dropped on it, quite often that thing (usually a wine glass) bounces.
  • We use non-toxic coatings and colourings for our coloured cork tiles and your floor (depending on size) can be laid in one day because the cork tiles are pre-finished in our NZ factory. Cork is an entirely positive flooring choice.

Coloured Cork

Cork flooring has come a long way since the days of orange curtains and beaded doorways. This fantastic insulation material has been modernized to adapt to the new millennium with metallic sheens, vibrant colours and a variety of shapes and sizes.

The colour is fused in with the polyurethane and coated onto the tiles in the Cork Concepts factory. Every project includes a tin of touch up paint in the selected colour for the layer to colour any raw cork edges and the homeowner to touch up any damage that may occur.

Add value to your home or commercial project by choosing a distinctive colour which matches your decor. See our photo gallery for photos.


Colour consultation

Proof of cork’s exceptional versatility is its ability to take on any colour you care to name. Stormy greys, mossy greens and metallic silvers and earthy tones are just some examples of the colours being chosen by designers, architects and homeowners.

Depending on your taste, you can request to have a ‘block out’ colour – where you can’t see the cork granules, or you can choose to see the cork through the colour.

At Cork Concepts we have a lot of experience with colours and we will be happy to provide examples of what has worked well. Please contact us for advice.

Create a truly unique floor by choosing any colour for us to match. Simply send us a paint swatch and we will transform our cork tiles to suit your project.

Interior Designers and Colour Consultants, take this opportunity to create a style, set a mood and challenge the norm with coloured cork flooring.

Add borders, patterns and key squares or choose a distinctive colour throughout the home or commercial project.

There are many colours available in the ‘in-house’ range. Specific shades are made to order to match carpet, furnishings etc. Borders, in-lays and key squares can be produced on request. The 900 x 100 mm plank is ideal for inlays and borders.

Custom colours are available to any paint swatch. Additional surcharges and minimum quantities may apply.

Your tiles are pre-finished to order, which means each tile is crafted especially for you. Custom colours are available to match paint samples, or you can choose from our popular range of colours. Our flooring is made from high density 6mm cork tiles which are finished with water-borne polyurethane low in VOCs and an ‘R Factor’ of 2.6.

Cork flooring is sold by the square metre.


Cork Concepts cork comes in four sizes:

305 x 305 x 6mm – Traditional small tiles

450 x 450 x 6mm – Large square tiles

900 x 100 x 6mm – Planks

600 x 300 x 6mm – Rectangle tiles


Coloured cork tiles come with a 1mm bevelled edge, while raw (traditional) cork tiles are square edged. No sanding (on pre-finished coloured cork tiles) is required until the final coat of water-borne polyurethane is to be applied. The final coat is with either, Gloss, Silk Matt(lo-sheen) or Matt.

Coloured cork tiles are coloured to order and we aim to have your tiles delivered to you within two weeks of ordering.


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