Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

Lighting enables us to go about our lives, including work and play as effectively as possible. It provides our visual needs, has an impact on productivity, on safety, on our health and well-being, on how we see the world. It plays an integral part in how we function everyday and is provided naturally through daylight and artificially through electric light sources.

At Net Zero Energy Solutions we provide a range of energy efficient lighting solutions for both business and private customers, specialising in Lighting Efficiency Upgrades to reduce power bills and improve on overall lighting quality.

Lighting efficiency upgrades are generally the most cost effective, energy reduction strategy within a building with the quickest return on investment. They reduce energy use, maintenance, improve significantly on the whole of life cost and end of life costs.

With rapid advances in lighting technology and energy efficiencies over the past decade we have seen vast improvements in luminaire and lamp design, with lighting efficacy (Efficacy = Lumens/Watt) and the quality of light being two of the main benefactors of innovative design.

LED lights are leading the way in energy efficiency in the marketplace where there are significant savings to be made with the change out of less efficient lamps and fixtures where there is immediate lower consumption for the same or improved outcome.

So whether you are a home or business looking for a lighting upgrade that will meet your current and future needs, let our expertise and advice help in the right decision for you.

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