Preferred for larger family homes, quality, architecturally designed, difficult location, nicely fitted out, well-chosen materials, fixtures and fittings, big units, vast glazing expanses. Ideal for schools, low rise apartments and low rise commercial buildings without seismic requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • 40mm platform
  • 25mm to 30mm range double glazed unit capacity
  • 25mm facings, 19mm reveals, E2 type install
  • Flat and square front face
  • Concealed drainage option – no visible drain holes anywhere

Awning Windows

  • Performance expectation up to 2300pa ultimate wind pressure
  • Passive ventilation capable
  • Condensation drainage option on hollow frame

Sliding Doors

  • 150kg / panel weight rating
  • Flush sill feature with innovative v-notched track up-stand
  • Performance greater than 2300pa ultimate wind pressure
  • Wide interlockers as standard to even up sight lines
  • Replaceable bottom track
  • LevelStep® Sill threshold option

Bifold Doors

  • Top hung system allows for flush sill feature
  • Up to 80kg (option) / panel weight rating
  • 40mm thick panel
  • Easy adjustment mechanisms
  • Foldback® Bifold Option
Key Features:

• High performing open in window
• Enables ventilation with outside sliding panels
• Allows for non-intrusive openings onto balconies
• Integration into Apartment Slider, Atlantic High Performance Suite and Pacific Architectural Suite
• Performance to 2500 Pa ULS, 550 Pa water (based on 1100H x 1100W sash)

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