The Equus Insulated Green Roof system encompasses a two layer waterproofing membrane, a vapour barrier, and thermal insulation with a growing medium to create an ecological and aesthetic system suitable for use on metal, concrete or plywood substrates.

The system is ideal for roof gardens and/or similar situations including planter boxes and podium levels, however predominantly where soil overlays and plants and grass is to thrive. There are several benefits to having an Equus system for a green roof concept; the two layer waterproof membrane is formulated to be root resistant, the system provides thermal and sounds insulation and provides a natural filter for rainwater.

Standard System:

  • The prepared substrates are primed with De Boer Duo Bitumen Primer
  • Either Deboplast 2.5mm T/F C175 or Deboflex 2.5 T/F C175 basesheet is rolled out evenly and torched onto primed surface as a vapour barrier
  • Equus PIR insulation board is installed as per detailed manufacturer’s instructions
  • Basesheet of either Deboplast 2.5 mm T/F C175 or Deboflex 2.5 mm T/F C175 is then loose-laid evenly over PIR Board and fixed in place as per the project specific De Boer wind uplift documentation
  • A capsheet of usually DuO HT 4 Slates/F C180 Landscape is then laid out in the same manner, overtop of the basesheet, with the offset laps to prevent them from coinciding
  • Specific detailing work around outlets, upstands, gutter stop ends and machinery plinths is then added

Project specific specifications are designed to meet service requirements

BRANZ and Codemark Approved Products

We provide warranties on all our products when used in conjunction with the correct specification and applied by a certified Equus applicator

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