Waterproofing Systems Green Roofs offer a number of options, for example; paddock grass for cattle, coastal finishes, roadway over tunnel with grassed edges, vegetable garden roof, lawns, native planting with walkways.

Waterproofing Systems only uses bituFLAME Anti-Root torch on membrane due to the construction and landscaping installation creating significant wear and tear on the membrane surface whilst the green roof is being completed. The Green Roof system is a double layer bituFLAME system comprising a 3mm base sheet and a 4mm anti root cap sheet. When landscaping has been completed, it will provide a stunning visual experience, while protecting the membrane from weathering elements and also providing a warm and environmentally roof friendly system for your home.

For further information, click on the link for bituFLAME Product Manual for installation information and detailed drawings.

LiveRoof® : Pre-Grown Modular Green Roof System

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