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L – C U B E   F U R N I T U R E   R A N G E

Designed by Christian Werner

Minimal Design Elements

Tranquility. Clarity. Space for contemplation. This is how designer Christian Werner describes the vision that gave rise to L-Cube – a bathroom furniture program that eliminates all unnecessary elements. With fewer “distractions”, the bathroom user is inspired to truly relax and unwind.

Unique Details

The unique feature of this bathroom furniture series can be found in the details: the shadow gap between the countertop and the vanity units as a repeating element make handle-free surfaces possible and serve as recessed handles on tall cabinets and semi-tall cabinets. In addition to the shadow gaps, the successful interplay between minimalism and smart design prove a sense of visual lightness to L-Cube.

Individual as its User

Not only do the flat surfaces of the handle-free furniture offer a sense of visual calmness and relaxation, they are also practical and easy to clean. Color also has a powerful influence on our emotions. Thanks to the wide variety of L-cube furniture surfaces available – 11 different wood decors, 6 real wood veneers and 13 lacquer finishes – everyone can create a personal ambiance that suits their needs.

Comfort by Lightness

Comfort and lightness: for the handle-free pullout compartments on the vanity units, a new drawer technology was applied – it opens via tip-on technology and closes childishly simple with self-closing action.

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