Lou by Dedon

106 St Georges Bay Road Parnell,
Auckland, NZ

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The LOU lounge system by Toan Nguyen represents both a return to DEDON’s roots and major step forward. Nguyen, a master of modular design, has created a collection so casual, friendly and inviting that one almost fails to notice the architectonic rigor that underlies it. Combining traditional DEDON craftsmanship with innovations in cushions, weave and material mix, LOU takes outdoor lounging to a whole new level.

The collection was conceived from the ground up as a series of overlapping horizontal strata, with armrests defined by a subtle relief in the woven structure of the seat. Thanks to a semi-open weave and hidden gliders underneath the modules, the overall design gives an impression of extraordinary lightness, as if the collection consisted of a series of low floating blocks

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MBrace by Dedon
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Dala by Dedon
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