The ShadowDeck BlackButt nail-free decking is New Zealand’s only BRANZ appraised hidden deck fastener solution system designed and trademarked by ShadowDeck to allow for an unbeatabable nail-less commercial decking solution.

The ShadowDeck BlackButt timber is available in the size of 130mm width by 19mm thickness is a 100% sustainable hardwood decking timber sourced from Australian Costal Gum that has proven durability in Australian and New Zealand conditions.

The ShadowDeck BlackButt Decking Timber comes pre-grooved to fit with the nail-free decking system and can be pre-oiled for easy application, and a long-lasting solution.

The full ShadowDeck BlackButt Nail-free decking system includes the following components:

  • BlackButt 130 x 19mm decking timber
  • ShadowDeck Hidden Fasteners
  • ShadowDeck HouseDeck Spacer
  • ShadowDeck Wrench for easy installation.

The full ShadowDeck BlackButt Hidden Deck Fastener solution ensures the following benefits:

  • Unbeatable finish every time
  • No more popped nails-bare foot friendly
  • Smarter looking, longer lasting deck surface
  • DIY friendly, stronger, safer & faster to install
  • 100% sustainable hardwood timber
  • New Zealand’s only BRANZ appraised Hidden Deck Fastener
  • Proudly New Zealand made system

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