Nuraply 3PM System

Nuraply 3PM system is a tough, reinforced bituminous waterproofing membrane, of great strength, suitable for light maintenance foot traffic and finished in a choice of five standard shades of mineral chip. 

The first layer consists of 10m x 1m rolls of 3mm thick Nuraply 3PB which are laid by cold gluing with heat welded lapjoints.

The cap sheet is 4mm thick of APP bitumen with a heavy reinforcing layer of non-woven polyester inside topped off with embedded mineral chips. The mineral chip surface provides a natural look while providing UV protection.

The membrane is manufactured by ATAB of Belgium. ATAB manufacture over 10 million square meters of membranes per annum. BRANZ have appraised the Nuraply 3PM system as suitable for flat roofs.

 When to use Nuraply 3PM

Nuraply 3PM has been developed for long-term, low maintenance waterproofing of steep or low pitched roofs, decks, gutters, terraces and canopies in new or restoration situations.

Things to consider when using Nuraply 3PM

The substrate provides the foundation for a successful system. The two most common substrate problems are movement and ponding. To alleviate these ensure when plywood is being used that:

  • The plywood substrate is CCA treated H3.2 grade. Do not use LOSP-treated (light organic solvent preservative) or CuN treated (copper nitrate) plywood. The plywood must be tightly butted and staggered or brick pattern laid, at least 17.5mm thick, 20mm on decks, supported at 400mm x 400mm. Stainless steel fixings and glue bonding of the plywood must be used.
  • Falls are as much as possible. The E2/AS1 falls is for a minimum of 1:30 for roofs and 1:40 for decks and 1:100 for gutters. Pay attention to detailing around scuppers as they often are a source of ponding.

When you should not to use Nuraply 3PM

  • Do Not use Nuraply 3PB as the basesheet for concrete or roof decks where excessive moisture or moisture vapour occurs – specify Nuraply 3PV ventilating system to allow moisture to continue to vent.
  • Not if the membrane is being tiled over. The preferred method is to use Nuraply 3P and keep the membrane accessible by using Nurapads.
  • Not if water is being collected for drinking. Specify instead Nuratech TPE membrane.
  • Not for Green roofs or planter boxes – specify the Nuraply 3PG system and related drainage mat to ensure the plant roots will not attack the membrane and that there is proper drainage within the waterproofing system.
  • Not in situations where the Nuraply 3P is likely to be exposed to high foot traffic or may be mechanically or chemically damaged. In these cases ensure the Nuraply 3P is completely protected by overlaying of pavers or similar.

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