ETERPAN is a medium density fibre cement that has become the preferred and versatile solution for both exterior cladding and building board applications in New Zealand. Due to the unique FLOW ON production process, Eterpan has superior delamination resistance because its reinforcing fibres are evenly distributed through the material and thickness. Eterpan can therefore be used in almost any interior or exterior application as it combines excellent water, frost and delamination resistance.

ETERPAN Refined is a sanded monolithic fibre cement sheet, that is used primarily for expressed joint cladding. Due to its unique FLOW ON production process, ETERPAN Refined has an improved surface quality that provides a premium finish once painted. The superior material quality creates great design opportunities as light reflectance for painting sheets is not limited to certain values. On top of that ETERPAN has the best water, frost and delamination available in its class, giving you peace of mind for years to come.

eterpan REFINED has been assessed by BRANZ and has a Durability Opinion of 15 years uncoated. This becomes 50 years with a maintained coating.

Advantages of ETERPAN Refined fine cement:

  • Strong and durable
  • Monolithic base due to the unique FLOW ON production process
  • Superior water and frost resistance
  • No delamination, glueing is allowed
  • BRANZ assessment for use in exterior claddings for 15 years uncoated and 50 years with a maintained coating
  • No limits to the LRV of the colour in which the material is painted
  • Produced under stringent production procedures on 4 continents
  • Easily recyclable
  • Low energy use in production process

Pacific Build Supply Ltd now offers a service to cut sheets to the exact dimensions required in a design with the use of its CNC water cutting machine, installed in Auckland.

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