Shadow™ Deck fasteners are a nailess fastening solution which is easy to install and gives you an unbeatable finish. If you want a lasting finish without twisted boards and popped nails, Shadow™ deck is the answer. The fasteners are suitable for use with most hardwood decking timber. For the best long term results, we recommend the use of any hardwoods.


  • 3mm or 5mm gap options
  • One box contains fasteners to cover approx 10-12 sq metres
  • Each box contains 250 fasteners, 255 screws & 25 butt ends
  • A flawless, beautiful-looking deck with no visible imperfections
  • A safe, totally smooth surface with no nails, screws or pop-ups anywhere: family-friendly
  • Installation is easy and fast
  • Entire deck can be floor-sanded level for future rejuvenation
  • A longer lifespan than nails and screws
  • Expands and contracts to allow for all seasonal weather extremes
  • Engineered to robust standard suitable for all commercial and domestic applications
  • Elongates the lifespan of your decking timber
  • Adds additional value to your house
  • A limited lifetime warranty
  • Chemical and UV resistant


  • Superior finish with NO more nails
  • Stronger, safer and up to 30% faster to install
  • Smarter looking and longer lasting deck surface
  • Helps prevent timber from splitting and twisting
  • Joist locator foot keeps fasteners inline and screws centre of joist, and a perfect 3mm or 5mm gap every time
  • With Shadow Deck Fasteners™ you never break through the face of your decking timber. The fastener is slotted into the side of your decking.
  • How much fastening power does a fastener have in comparison to a nail? A nail head which is 4mm across is the only part holding the decking down. A Shadow Deck Fastener™ has 61mm of holding power which will not pop a year later like nails do. Shadow Deck Fasteners™ are held in place by a 40° angle 50mm stainless screw holding your deck down perfectly, every time.
  • Fasteners are UV and chemical resistant

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