Introducing the latest innovation from HomeTech - Solatube Square Decorative Ceiling Diffusers

The new Square Diffuser utilizes a new metal Reflective Round to Square Transition at the ceiling. This new Reflective Transition stays true to standard size unlike our traditional Transitions that flare out to a larger opening.

The 160 DS square ceiling opening is 10.5 inches square and the 290 DS ceiling opening is 14.5 inches square.

The new low profile Square Diffuser is available in two styles, Square JustFrost (Acrylic) and Square Optiview.

The Square Diffuser also has a new powder coated metal Diffuser frame and includes 4 decorative Thumb Screw fasteners.

If you need to brighten a room in your home, utilise natural daylight with the Solatube Daylighting System from HomeTech. Click here to find out more. 

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