Waterproofing Systems

Stone Ballast Systems

Waterproofing Systems Stone Ballast systems provides another level of finish, with some real visual benefits besides fitting into the landscape planning. The stone ballast systems will protect the membrane from all weather conditions including the very high UV sunlight that New Zealand experiences. This slows down the ageing process of the membrane dramatically. The drainage grid beneath the stone ballast creates an air gap along with providing water drainage to the outlets. The stone ballast sizes are generally 20mm smooth stone installed to approximately 40mm thick. The stone ballast system is a very good and appealing finish which is low maintenance with the benefits protecting the membrane and providing a significant in-service life extension to the system.

For further information, click on the link for bituFLAME or duroTUF Product Manual for installation information and detailed drawings.

bituFLAME Torch-on Roofing & Tanking
bituFLAME Torch-on Roofing & Tanking

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